Monday, 2 January 2017

LIFEWATCH – Our Vision, Your Protection

In modern society, people tend to do business which gains high profits irrespective of the type of work that comes their way. Let us take a moment to recognize people who invent things for the less fortunate or people in need of help. When it comes to old age, body stamina decreases and dependency on others is on. Medical alarm systems are created to help such people in need of an emergency. Taking this technology to a new level, Evan Sirlin has enabled GPS in such medical systems making him a humble creator. His attitude for helping people of old age with his creation makes him a philanthropist.

Evan Sirlin is currently serving as the second generation president of LIFEWATCH USA. This family business of marketing medical alarm systems has been handed down to him by his father. They are involved in the marketing and advertising of medical alarm systems for over thirty-five years. Evan Sirlin’s father established the company in 1980. The medical alarm systems make the senior citizen’s lives easy and they can live independently in the privacy of their own home. Evan Sirlin is involved in the development of 911 Help Now emergency communicator pendants.

With a passion for consulting and advertising Evan Sirlin created first medical alert lock box. Marketing is done through Medilok. He is the active president for Medilok since a decade. Medical lock boxes are used in combination with medical alert systems. First responders arrive on scene at the alert of medical alarm without breaking door using the key of the medical alert lock box. Customer help and support are the top priority in case of exchange or returns for lock boxes. Evan Sirlin has collaborated with Dictaphone and Sensormatic of healthcare services in sales and marketing for 3 years and 2 years respectively.

LIFEWATCH USA has made effort to collaborate with COPsync Beacon for promoting COPsync 911 alert systems. LIFEWATCH is a major contributor in PERS, a Personal Emergency Response System. In the wake of school shootings, a personal safety system is launched to give security. An emergency alert is sent by pressing the button of this handheld device. This device is highly recommended for general public and police officers alike to get in contact for availing protection services. Evan Sirlin is a pro in TV and Radio advertising and branding.

A background in marketing and sales has helped Evan Sirlin to rise above in his field. He works relentlessly in developing new devices or applications for the safety of seniors and lone person protection. He is an expert in consulting and marketing for senior health care industry. He is an active part of national care planning council. Highly skilled in direct marketing, advertising, networking, strategic planning, and team building, Evan Sirlin is passionate about playing Jazz. Actively volunteers in student centers and school programs to ensure safety and tell them about campus protection programs. Evan Sirlin is dedicated to taking his company and programs to an international level and is waiting for new opportunities. 

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  1. Medical alert system is very useful for old age peoples. My dad was talking about looking into medical alert systems ever since my grandmother had her accident. I will have to send this over to him, thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I am looking for medical alarm system ..... I want to buy for my mom....!!!


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