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Evan Sirlin - Lifewatch USA

Evan Sirlin is the founder and the president of Lifewatch Medical Alert System, Lifewatch USA, Lifewatch Medical ALARMS, and Lifewatch Inc. Medical Alarm Company. Famed as the creator of the first mobile alarm GPS, Evan Sirlin has been in the senior home safety business since 1980, to assist the elderly people in case of emergency when there is no one at home.

His company Lifewatch, Inc. has been assisting many vulnerable senior people and is running for more than 25 years. The company provides valuable service to both its employees and the clients by treating them with care and concerns and aims towards their personal development.

Based in Florida, the Lifewatch USA was founded in 1980 and is originally a provider of medical alarm systems and several other technologically advanced health care services supported by Bosch Healthcare, which is a globally renowned healthcare brand. The company has it’s headquarter in Lauderhill, whereas its regional office is located in Boynton Beach. With its immense popularity, the company has grown in leaps and bounds and holds a massive size in the current day.

Evan Sirlin also created www.medilok.com, the first medical alert lock box. He is also the developer of the 911helpnow product. His other significant ventures are advertising, consulting and marketing and international expansion of Lifewatch and Medilok. He also lends his valuable knowledge and expertise as Google advertising specialist. He also possesses significant PR experience and works as a Senior Healthcare industry expert. His other commendable services towards the development of senior life quality include Lone Worker safety and protection, Identity theft protection and recovery, Campus Security protection and Active shooter protection for students and teachers. 

Few of the great many works of Evan Sirlin are:

* His is actively involved with the Telehealth and Telemedicine future products for the senior and disabled persons. 

* Always encourages various school programs to lend helping hand to the Lifewatch and Copsync Beacon.

* He collaborate several marketing, advertising, and healthcare industries in networking. Also welcomes opportunities related to international expansion.

* Evan Sirlin also welcomes marketers, lead developers and advertisers with innovative and productive opportunities.

* Evan Sirlin also provides work opportunities for skill-based volunteering. 

Evan Sirlin works for many noble causes such as:

* Children

* Poverty Alleviation

* Education

* Health

Evan Sirlin is fluent in Spanish languages and his top skills include:

* Leadership

* Marketing

* Selling

* Management

* Strategic Planning

* Advertising

* Marketing Strategy

Evan Sirlin also specializes in 

* Sales Operations

* Team Building

* Medical Devices

* Direct Sales

* Consulting

* Account Management

* Networking

* Sales Management

* Business Development


Evan Sirlin got his BBA in Marketing/Sales from the George Washington University (1989 – 1993). He received his high school diploma from Lawrence High School (1986 – 1989). He won Turkey Trot in 1991 and fraternity Golf Tournament in 1992.

Activities and Societies he is involved with: 

* Treasurer 1993, Pi Kappa Alpha "PIKE"

* National Care Planning Council, 2001

Evan Sirlin owns and runs additional organizations like 

NORC, NY-HOPS, AARP, YAI, UJA, Elder Help Line

Evan Sirlin was rewarded with the award of - Inventor of "CELLULAR MEDICAL ALARM w/GPS.

Evan Sirlin - About.me Profile


  1. I want to say thanx to Lifewatch.usa for medical alert system.........it is really beneficial for senior citizens.

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