Monday, 15 May 2017

Medical Alert Alarm a Boon for Older Persons

Today's generation is staying so busy that they don't even have time for their elderly parents. The old parents significantly need help during critical time. To get rid of this problem Evan SIrlin from USA formed a company that used to supply medical alert alarm for helping those needy elderly citizens. After using this signal without depending on others or rushing to the nearby hospitals, they can eliminate emergency health issues. Evan SIrlin is the man behind the invention of Medilok, equipped with a medical alarm system used as the emergency medical lockbox. LifeWatch USA working under his supervision is producing different types of medical alarm that any user can prefer to use as their requirement and preferences. In addition, using this alarm system is very easy irrespective of any age. The only demand is to have a landline.

Types of Alarm System Used-

Depending upon the activity level of a person Evan SIrlin proposed two types of alarm system for use. The first category included individuals who are inactive to move they need to have a landline system to use this alarm. This phenomenon was called as the in-home system in which the range of signal extension is 1500 meter.

The second category included persons who are active offering them with GPS-enabled the alarm. This GPS tracks the location of a person in emergencies. All these alarms need to be charged promptly as the capacity with a single charge of a battery is 5 hours.

As the alarm was mainly intended to use by the older person, so its size was compact and easy to use. The user can wear on the wrist or around the neck. It comes under affordable price too. The primary advantage of using the alert alarm made by Evan SIrlin is its waterproof nature. Hence, it means no need to open it even while bathing.

If a person is very old, they do not need to think deeply how to use it, as it is very easy. Let say if someone had a sudden heart attack, or a brain stroke or breathing problem, then they just need to press the help button in it. By pressing it instantly, they will be connected to customer care desk.  Getting the alert alarm a person will be sent for help to the tracked location. The best part the customer care desk will be in touch with the person until he gets the help. 

LifeWatch USA working for Evan SIrlin is providing Two-Way Voice Technology service by using it the user can connect to emergency center anytime from anywhere. Voice over Internet Protocol Technology is the best feature provided by this company worldwide. By using this technique, a person can make any number of free calls as he want from any part of the world, the only condition is he need to pay the landline services only. 

Another benefit provided by this alert alarm made by Evan SIrlin that it helps also assist in taking medications if anyone has some doubt over some prescription.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Name Closely Related to Telehealth Products

Evan Sirlin being the President of LifeWatch sells futuristic medical alert systems and various other healthcare devices all over the USA for the benefit of the senior citizens, especially those who are living all alone. Sirlin’s father founded LifeWatch USA in 1980. It has taken the concept of Telehealth to a new level with the cutting-edge technologies, such as Cellular Technology, Two-Way Voice Technology, and Voice over Internet Protocol Technology.


Lifewatch USA offers an array of products, that include cellular medical alarm with GPS features, 911 help-now item, and medical alert lock-box. E-transponder mobile unit, Smart-Go device, and innovative medical alarms are some of the best selling products of the Company. LifeWatch USA takes pride for being the first company to make use of the ‘Cellular Phone Technology.’

Evan Sirlin manages LifeWatch USA’s marketing division. Over the years, he has carried out a couple of projects based on the DRTV performance. His immense hard work has led to the expansion of the Company. He is experienced in the public relation and has the competence in advertising. Being a healthcare expert for the senior citizens, he has provided scores of healthcare products such as the safety devices for the convenience of the senior citizens living in the USA as well across the world. Apart from the personal safety products, LifeWatch USA provides devices that help in campus protection, worker protection and safety devices for the active shooter protection.

The Company offers three types of alert systems that need mobile phone or landline for operation. The devices of this company are of high quality and are easy-to-operate. Users can operate these devices with just a click. The innovative products of LifeWatch USA employ the latest technology, by means of which those seeking emergency help can easily contact the emergency monitoring station of the company.

Sirlin is keen on launching better and more advanced Telehealth products to the industry. Having adequate expertise in advertising, business networking, and marketing, Evan has the dream of expanding his Company further. After taking over LifeWatch USA from his father, Evan has contributed a lot to its growth and expansion. He has made use of the television and radio to market his brand effectively.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

LifeWAtch USA Garners Success Due to Launching of Futuristic Safety Devices

LifeWatch USA is a leading provider of medical alert systems in the USA and other countries as well. This Company is now operated by Evan Sirlin, who is the president of the Company LifeWatch USA. A multitude of factors has contributed to the success of LifeWatch USA. It has a proficient team of certified specialists and emergency technicians who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to adeptly manage the emergency cases. The Company has been in operation from 1980. It has a commendable station that runs around the clock to offer medical assistance and especially the senior citizens benefit a lot from this Company.

Being the president of the Company, Evan Sirlin has contributed a lot to its success. He has the skill, knowledge and technical prowess to deftly handle the various divisions, such as sales, marketing, and advertising. With his expertise, he has brought into the market a comprehensive range of the ‘Telehealth products.’ LifeWatch USA has introduced devices in the market with futuristic technology. The medical mobile alert system equipped with GPS is a commendable contribution to the Company to the citizens of the USA.

The medical alarm system launched by this company detects carbon dioxide and smoke that set off the alarm so that the users can seek medical help from the professionals. Another useful device of this company is the ‘medical alert lockbox’ that helps medical technicians to get inside the house of the medical assistance seeker without breaking any doors or windows.

Some Noteworthy Contributions of LifeWatch USA:

* Cellular Phone Technology: For the convenience of the senior citizens LifeWatch USA launched the smart go device that is available with the new age Cellular Technology along with GPS feature for senior citizens who live alone. This is a water-resistant, light weighing and an easy-to-operate device that is equipped with the geofencing and fall detection features. This device helps users to connect promptly to the monitoring station or 911 to get emergency help.

* Two-Way Voice Technology: Many of devices launched by LifeWatch USA are equipped with the ‘Two-Way Voice Technology’ that connects users to the medical centers for help. Some of the devices with this technology are the e-responder mobile and smart-go device. The customer support team detects the location of the callers and then sends the medical team for emergency help. The e-responder is a cutting-edge device that can be carried in the purse, pocket and worn like a belt or necklace. It provides medical information, gives driving directions and provides medical information.

* VOIP Technology: LifeWatch USA is a pioneer in using the ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology.’ With this leading-edge technology, users can communicate over the Internet. It is an affordable technology where users pay the services associated with the landline.

LifeWatch USA is the pioneer for introducing top-grade quality healthcare products for the convenience of the users especially the senior citizens living all alone. Evan Sirlin has the aim to launch more innovative Telehealth products in the near future and take telemedicine and Telehealth to a completely new level.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Evan Sirlin

The president of the company, Evan Sirlin has contributed appreciably to the growth and expansion of LifeWatch USA. He has the technical competence and experience to adeptly handle sales, marketing, and advertising.

With effort, dedication and hard work, he has introduced a wide array of Telehealth products in the market. LifeWatch USA takes pride in claiming that it is the first company to introduce mobile medical alarm system with GPS tracking device for the benefit of the senior citizens.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

LifeWatch USA providing medical alert systems

LifeWatch USA has emerged as a leader in providing medical alert systems all over the USA and also abroad. It is a family-owned second generation business that has been operating for almost three decades. The company has been in operation since 1980 and at present is run by Evan Sirlin

There is a host of factors that has contributed to the success of the company. First of all, it is a client-focused company and customer satisfaction is its prime goal. LifeWatch USA has a commendable team of EMT-certified specialists. Moreover, the Medical Emergency technicians of this company have the knowledge, competence, and experience to deftly handle any medical emergency.  It has a brilliant monitoring station that operates 24/7 and promptly delivers medical help anytime and anywhere in the USA.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Evan Sirlin: The Pioneer of Medical Alarm Systems

LifeWatch USA was founded in the year 1980 by the present president, Evan Sirlin’s father. This company has offered some of the top-notch quality medical alarm systems. The immense success of this company is due to the dedication, expertise and hard work of Evan Sirlin.
All along his career, the main goal of Evan Sirlin has been to offer help to the senior citizens during an emergency. In future, he wishes to introduce more Telehealth products and take telemedicine to a completely new level. He has used his years of experience, expertise, and knowledge to launch products like Medilok, e-transponder or SmartGo devices to the market.


LifeWatch USA is the first company to launch the GPS-enabled medical alarm system. The products of this company, such as the e-transponder or SmartGo make use of the “Two-Way Voice Technology.” With the help of this technology, users can contact the emergency help center. It is the first company to make use of the Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology. With the help of this VOPI Technology, the users can make any number of free calls from anywhere. You only need to pay for the landline services. VOPI Technology proves to be cost-effective and beneficial.

Sirlin is actively involved in business networking, marketing and sales of his business. He takes tremendous efforts to market his products through the television and radio channels. He is actively involved in the National Care Planning Council. He exhibits his technical prowess in marketing and consulting for healthcare products. He volunteers for school programs and student centers and enlightens them of programs related to campus protection.

He is keen to expand his company and take it to the international level. He has the deftness in team-building, strategic planning, advertising, direct marketing, and networking. He has made a huge effort to collaborate with the COPsync Beacon in order to promote the COPsync 911 alert system. He has also contributed to the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS), which is a personal security program designed for the safety of teachers and students during school shootings.

With the earnest effort and interest of Sirlin, many of the healthcare devices of LifeWatch USA are available with 911 help services. He also supports the development and improvement of communicator emergency pendants. He wishes to offer cutting-edge healthcare products in the near future.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Life Watch USA – You Are Never Alone

The present market is storming up with medical alert systems from different companies. Life Watch USA is an American company which is involved in the marketing of medical alert systems since 1980. Evan Sirlin is the CEO of the company which is a family business started by his father. The medical alert systems work all around the nation with excellent customer services as a medical alert system is only as good as its care services offered. Life Watch USA has served several thousands of old people all over the USA by building trust among its users for its high-quality services and devices. 

Experience the best

Life Watch offers different kinds of devices for its users based on the activity levels. For those who are inactive and lightly active, they propose the use of in-home systems which needs a line phone. The signals extend up to 1500 ft range outside the house. For the active users, Life Watch offers 2 kinds of devices. They have inbuilt GPS to track the location of users in case of emergencies. All the devices are given a charging dock and battery lasts up to 5 days.

Highlights of the medical alarm units

The devices are affordable and easy to use. Since the marketing is targeted at old people and patients, all units are compact in size, easy to carry around and even worn around wrist or neck. The best feature of these medical alert systems is that they are waterproof. The user need not remove the unit during the bath.

In a case of fall or heart strokes, seizures, burglary, and fire alarms just press the help button by which you are instantly connected to a customer care desk where an actual person sends for medical help and stays in touch with you till the help reaches your home. So with a Life Watch medical alarm system, you are never really alone if you opt to stay single at your house without an assisted helper. 

Expert staff

With trained medical professional and sound tech support, all the users of Life Watch USA are cared for and supported in times of emergency. The 2-way voice over calls are really helpful and keep the user panic free and intimates the registered kin while sending for medical help. Users can sleep at peace with the company’s 24/7 support acting similar to a personalized caretaker. The medical alert units are very affordable that they cost as low as 1$ per day. The services are only available for the residents of USA.

In case you move to a different city within the USA, update your general information and location to continue the services of the alert systems. Evan Sirlin of Life Watch USA has dedicated his professional life to Medical alarm systems and has invented a medical alarm box which can be used with these alarm units. These medical alarm systems ensure the safety of your loved ones by sending medical help at the right time. 

Medical Alert Alarm a Boon for Older Persons

Today's generation is staying so busy that they don't even have time for their elderly parents. The old parents significantly need...