Thursday, 27 July 2017

Top 4 situations that confirms you might need the service of a medical alarm system

The prediction of our next moment health status is completely unpredictable. You never know what may happen to you at the very next moment. However, a medical alarm system can act as saviour irrespective of the time and situation. Though many people think to give it pass, there are couple of situations, where to have one such near to you is prime necessary. Check whether you or any relative near to you are falling in to this categories or not.

1. If you are lone survivor:

If you are the only care taker of yourself under the roof of your house then a small investment towards a medical alarm service will be called a wise call. Many times, cases have been reported where people have lost their life due to late or non-access to medical service during the emergencies.

2. If you work alone:

Most of the people have job profiles that compel them to work alone isolating from other friend groups. Sometimes job situation demands to remain out of the reach of any person for most of the times. In this case, if they face any emergency health issue, there should be someone to attain them with immediate notice.

3. If you are too old:

Most people on attaining more age prefer to remain isolated from their family but the same brings with it more risk of getting an immediate helping hand during the emergencies. Older people even find themselves physically weak to call for any help during the period of emergencies. However, if they will have a medical alarm system, a single press of button can save a lot of valuable time from getting wasted.

In this regard, Evan Slrlin is providing effective emergency time health service to the older people through Life Watch USA with just 1$ per day. Through both In-Home system and E-responder mobile unit, the process has got simpler. Another SmartGo Personal compact device that Evan Slrlin recommends the most can handle any difficult emergency situation with much ease.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Top parameters to judge before opting service of any medical alert system

The need of medical alarm system has gone primary in recent times, especially for the old ones. If you are also searching for a better service provider in the same domain, then there are couple of factors that you should consider upon prior to closing deal with anyone.

1. Look for certification:

Though there are multiple such service providers in the market, the real authenticity lies in the certification. As the service is going under the category of health, it should have prior approval of associations like UL, ETL, and CSAA. Also look for any award and honours that they have received for their service.

2. Presence in the market:

The year of presence of the company in the market states the stronghold of the service over the market. Quality service providers are sure to sustain any kind of market fluctuations owing to their quality performance.

3. Low price

Off course, if the cost of the service goes beyond hiring a personal care taker, then that is of no good. There are some reputed medical alert service providers who give the alerting devices free of cost and ship the products even free of cost at your doorstep. Make sure, you ask for this while enquiring.

4. Personalised care:

Now this is what you kind expert from those service provider who have trained their staff accordingly.  The staff should know how to acknowledge the exact problem with little conversation thereby taking the required step. In this regard, there are few such service providers in USA those who treat their customers like their family members.

5. Should have no long term agreement:

Unless you have got positive reviews about the service provider from multiple nearer ones of you, do not go for any long term agreement. Agreements are run by those who are insecure about their future commitment of quality service. Thus, they try to maintain a constant income through trapping the customers through long term service agreement.

6. Look for their customer base:

It is arguably true that good service providers like Life Watch USA managed by Evan SIrlin are natural to have wide customer data base. Instead of believing on the non-organic positive comments on the website, one should physically verify about this from different source.

7. Hassle-free procedure:

Most of the times, it happens that the voice from the other end is computer generated, therefore fails to provide the exact service required. Good are those who have recruited experienced customer care executives those can decide the exact solution needed through human decision making. 

There is one company known as Life Watch USA managed by Evan SIrlin where you can find the presence of all the benefits from above-discussed point of view. Their service starts with a price of just $1 per day and comes with a promise of effective personalised care in terms of medical alarm system through cutting edge In-Home and Mobile units.  Interestingly, one need to pay any extra for these devices and they are shipped at your doorstep for free of cost.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Evan Sirlin: A Name to Reckon with in the Telehealth Industry

LifeWatch USA has emerged as the leading provider of ‘medical alert’ systems in the USA. The Company was founded in 1980 and since then it has become popular among the citizens of the USA. The present President of the Company is Evan Sirlin, who has contributed immensely to its success. He has the technical skill, knowledge, and talent to handle the different divisions like marketing, sales, and advertising. With his effort and talent, he has been able to introduce into the market a wide range of ‘Telehealth devices.’ 

The Company has offered devices incorporated with leading-edge technology. The GPS incorporated medical mobile alert of the Company is a huge contribution to USA’s senior citizens. The device detects the smoke and the carbon dioxide and the alarm go off for alerting the users. Another noteworthy device of the Company is the ‘medical alert lockbox.’ With the help of this device, technicians can get inside the houses of those needing medical help without breaking windows and doors. LifeWatch USA has an efficient emergency station that operates 24/7 for offering medical help to the senior citizens of the USA. The Company offers a proficient team of certified emergency technicians and specialists who are available around the clock to provide assistance to anyone seeking emergency help.

Under the leadership of Evan Sirlin, LifeWatch USA has expanded and attained new heights of success. The Company has offered the people of the USA innovative devices incorporated with progressive technologies, such as ‘Cellular Phone Technology,’ ‘Two-Way Voice Technology,’ “VOIP Technology’ etc. For example, the ‘Smart Go’ device is a light weighing, water-resistant and user-friendly device that is incorporated with fall detection and geofencing features. This device enables the users to get in touch with the emergency station promptly for getting medical help.

Another forefront technology the Company has made use of in its devices is the ‘Two-Way Voice Technology.’ With the help of this modern technology, the users of the devices can get immediate medical help by getting in touch with the emergency station of the Company. The ‘Smart Go’ and the E-Responder Mobile devices of the LifeWatch USA have this technology. The e-responder is a state-of-the-art device that is portable and the users can carry it easily in their pockets or purse or wear as a necklace or belt. The device provides driving information and medical information to the users.

The Company is also known to have made use of the cutting-edge ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol Technology’ in many of its devices. With the help of this eminent technology, the users can interact over the Internet. All these Telehealth devices of LifeWatch USA are effective and reasonably priced.

LifeWatch USA dominates the healthcare market with its top-notch quality devices that are especially useful for those senior citizens who live all alone. Customer satisfaction is the sole motive of the Company. Through hard work, talent, knowledge and creative mind Evan Sirlin has helped in the expansion of his Company appreciably and continues to give his effort to make his Company visible on a global platform. 

Friday, 21 July 2017

Evan Sirlin- Providing the Ultimate Medical Alert Solution

In today’s fast lifestyle, it is difficult for old people to have their dear and near ones beside them all the time. Children grow up and have their own family and responsibilities and they may not be always present during an emergency. A medical emergency does not come with notification and to provide help in such situations, Evan Sirlin has come up with an automated alarm system for aged and needy individuals.   

Evan Sirlin is the CEO and founder of Life Watch USA. He developed this unique and extremely helpful alarm system for the old and needy people across the world and this system has grown to be very popular and has been widely accepted around the globe. Reflecting quality, assurance, and unmatched customer service, the alarm system Life Watch USA developed by Evan Sirlin has become a symbol of trust for old people.

The Thought behind Life Watch USA

The alarm system Life Watch USA was the idea of Evan Sirlin who understood the suffering and needs of old people staying independently and people with underlying or chronic diseases. With plenty of alarm systems available in the market, the alarm system created by Evan Sirlin is different in a way that it is an alarm system with GPS system enabled. Evan Sirlin also developed the first alert locked medical box, which is a great success with the senior people.

The contribution of Evan Sirlin has worked positively towards the protection and safety of the aged and diseased people of the USA. This medical alert facility has become a significant assurance helping them in times of any emergency condition, regardless of the time and hours of the day.

Evan Sirlin and His Projects

Equipped with exceptional marketing skills, Evan Sirlin was found to catch the attention of several healthcare providers. He collaborated with some healthcare partners and came up surprising them with devices like Medilok and DRTV-based projects. Currently, Evan Sirlin is working on creating unique inventory products in alliance with Telemedicine and Telehealth services specially made for senior and disabled individuals. He also has plans to come up with special personal safety devices intended for people of all age groups.

Uniqueness of Life Watch USA

To use Life Watch USA, one needs to have a mobile phone or a landline phone connection. The popularity of medical alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin is unique because of their portability, handy nature, and user-friendly facilities, which are necessary qualities for senior people to handle.

The customer service provided by Evan Sirlin is friendly, efficient, competent and caring. The customer services cater to all customer needs and issues and resolve them with an effective solution. The unique GPS alarm option enables elderly people to get access to any medical assistance and services in case they are outside their residence.

Evan Sirlin is truly a perfect role model for the USA citizens known for his relentless work and services providing a sustainable solution for the society. We are excitingly looking forward to his upcoming projects.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Evan Sirlin – Protecting and Securing Lives

It is not uncommon nowadays to have elderly people staying on their own with their children stuck up with their busy life schedules. Naturally, there is no one to help these elderly people during any urgent or critical medical situation. To bring help to such needy people, Evan Sirlin developed a useful medical system alert that can help senior people during any emergency. His company Life Watch USA deals with the creation of different medical alarm system to help people in their needs. 

 The Alarm Systems Formulated by Evan Sirlin

Evan Sirlin launched two different types of alarm facilities for the seniors to use. They were mainly manufactured to cater to the needs of two different categories of people. The first category individuals included those elderly persons who cannot move actively. This alarm device could be used with the help of a landline phone connection. Evan Sirlin created the second type of alarm for more active elderly individuals and this alarm device comes with the GPS-enabled alert system to track the person and provide help in emergencies.

Evan Sirlin made the alarm systems keeping in mind the handling ability of the senior people. These medical alarm systems are extremely easy to handle, portable, compact in size, and are user-friendly. They are even easy to wear around neck or wrist. The alarm systems are also waterproof and as a result, they need not be detached from the body even while bathing. All these advanced features of the alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin come within an absolutely affordable price range.

Evan Sirlin’s LifeWatch USA provides Two-Way Voice Technology service so that the people in need can contact the customer care center from anywhere and anytime. This technique enables a person to make free calls from any corner of the world. For this, the user must pay for the landline service.

The alarm systems created by Evan Sirlin provides other benefits like a helpful consultation about prescription medicines when in doubt, etc. Evan Sirlin’s alarm services have protected countless lives. They act as a life saver when senior people do not have anyone nearby to depend on.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Evan Sirlin – The Man behind LifeWatch USA

As the president of well-known medical alarm system provider LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin has garnered quite a reputation for himself. LifeWatch USA has been of significant help to elderly people, especially during times of critical need and emergency. Life Watch’s alarm systems have saved countless lives, and come in handy when senior citizens don’t have anybody nearby to rely on.

LifeWatch USA dates back to 1980, when Evan Sirlin’s father established the company. It is incredible to believe that even after three-and-a-half decades in business, the company is still going strong with its medical alarm systems, and much of it is due to the immense contribution of the company’s current president, Evan Sirlin. After taking over the company from his father, he has been in the thick of things at LifeWatch USA, where he has exceptionally handled the marketing and sales aspects of the company. LifeWatch USA has served millions of senior citizens all over the country, and can be expected to do the same for the foreseeable future.

Evan Sirlin’s entire career has revolved around the improvement of healthcare services, and as a result, he has indirectly, and directly, catered to countless senior citizens and people in distress with innovative healthcare solutions. He was the brains behind Medilok, which is an emergency medical lockbox that is also equipped with a medical alarm system. At present, he supports the development and improvement of 911 Help services and emergency communicator pendants. He has spent a lot of time and effort to advertise his efforts through radio and television and manage his brand, which has led to greatly increased sales for LifeWatch USA.

LifeWatch USA does not just market a single kind of medical alarm system. The company oversees the manufacture of several different kinds of alarm and alert systems that end-users can pick from, depending on their circumstances and preferences. One basic requirement for using LifeWatch USA’s alarm system is a mobile phone or a landline telephone. The alert systems are incredibly easy to use, alongside being handy and portable, which make them doubly easy to use for senior citizens, who tend to be more prone to accidents than regular people. 

It is especially difficult for elderly people without their loved ones beside them to take care of themselves. However, Evan Sirlin and his brilliant creations have allowed them to live with confidence once more; the confidence that they can take good care of themselves. Evan Sirlin deserves all the credit he gets, for it was him who conceived the idea of alert systems with GPS tracking capability, and realized it. This one salient feature enables the elderly people to access the nearest medical care services, even if they suffer from an accidental fall or any other mishap.

Evan Sirlin has ensured that Life Watch’s customer care staff remains sincere, friendly and caring. He takes it upon himself to guarantee that all personnel hired by LifeWatch USA have the necessary training and qualifications.

Today, LifeWatch USA’s services extend all across the USA, and all the company’s customers are treated with utmost respect.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Evan Sirlin

LifeWatch USA dates back to 1980, when Evan Sirlin’s father established the company. It is incredible to believe that even after three-and-a-half decades in business, the company is still going strong with its medical alarm systems, and much of it is due to the immense contribution of the company’s current president, Evan Sirlin. After taking over the company from his father, he has been in the thick of things at LifeWatch USA, where he has exceptionally handled the marketing and sales aspects of the company. LifeWatch USA has served millions of senior citizens all over the country, and can be expected to do the same for the foreseeable future.

Top 4 situations that confirms you might need the service of a medical alarm system

The prediction of our next moment health status is completely unpredictable. You never know what may happen to you at the very next moment...