Friday, 20 January 2017

Evan Sirlin – Founder of LifeWatch USA

Evan Sirlin is the creator and the president of LifeWatch USA. Being the founder of the first mobile alarm GPS, Evan Sirlin has earned quite a name. His company LifeWatch USA has been created to provide assistance to senior people in times of emergency and extreme need when family members or closed ones are not nearby.

Evan Sirlin established LifeWatch USA in 1980 and since then the firm is doing active business for more than 21 years selling medical system alerts to the elderly people in an effort to lend helping hands in times of emergency and distress. Current president and CEO of LifeWatch USA, Evan Sirlin inherited the firm LifeWatch USA from his father. He handles all the major sales and marketing of this company and is a major source of inspiration to carry on this noble motive, helping millions of elderly people all around the country. 

Specifically built to help out the senior people, the medical system alerts produced by this firm are extremely useful in case of any emergency and has been providing countless elderly citizens of the country a sense of protection and peace with medical assistance and help simply with the click of a button.

With more than three decades of experience in advertising and marketing, LifeWatch USA built by Evan Sirlin has reached the pinnacle ofsuccess in its long journey since 1980.

Evan Sirlin also effectively supports the improvement of emergency communicator pendants of 911 Help in the present day. His creation, Medilok, is a medical lockbox that comes along with the medical alarm system. All along his career, Evan Sirlin has always been involved with health care services and protection for the people who are in need and in distress. He very efficiently supports the brand management and advertising and has been boosting the sales of this firm via Television and radio.

LifeWatch markets several types of medical alert systems that the users can choose based on their preferences. In order to initiate the alert systems, one needs to have landline telephones or mobile phones. To make the emergency devices convenient to use, these alert systems have been made handy and easily portable given the vulnerability and accident prone nature of the senior people.

These alert systems provide immense freedom to the elderly people and build incredible confidence in their personality to take care of themselves in the absence of family members around them. One great advantage of these emergency alert systems is that they come with GPS tracking capability and provides utmost support in case of any accidental fall or seizure, by detecting the devices and notifying the nearest care center.

The customer care services of LifeWatch are exceptional and the extremely caring and friendly staff of the firm standby with patience and sincerity until the arrival of the medical help.

LifeWatch employs only certified personnel and highly trained professionals and their services can be availed all across the USA. Here the users are treated with great respect and care they deserve.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Lifewatch – Personal Medical Help

LifeWatch USA is an established firm which is actively doing business in selling medical alert systems for over 21 years. Evan Sirlin is the current president handling the marketing and sales of this firm which is passed on by his father. Medical alert systems are widely used by seniors and elders who live alone in their houses. The aim of medical alert systems is to send medical help to people who need them in the case of emergencies. This gives the users a sense of peace and protection that medical help or assistance is available at the click of a button.

With over 35 years of experience in marketing and advertising, the firm is well known to customers all over the USA. Goodwill is generated based on the quality of products sold and customer care services rendered by them. Evan Sirlin is also part of the development of emergency communicator pendants of 911 Help Now. He created Medilok, a medical lockbox which can be used along with medical alert systems. Throughout his career, he is involved in protection and health care services with an aim to help people in need. He is a pro in advertising and brand management and boosts sales through radio and TV.

LifeWatch is marketing three types of medical alert systems and users can select one based on their convenience. All of them require a mobile phone or traditional landline to initiate the usage. Since seniors are prone to falls and accidents these alert systems come in handy. It gives them the confidence to live on their own without hiring an aid to take care of them. For people who venture out of their homes, mobile pendants with GPS tracking systems are available. In the case of seizures and falls, fall detection devices are available to send an alarm to care center.

A fraudulent lawsuit was filed against LifeWatch along with other firms by Life Alert stating that these companies were illegally obtaining customers by impersonating their brand. All these allegations didn’t stand chance and the counter defense was prepared to stand above these false accusations. The firm is no way near any wrongdoing and it has been defaced on account of gaining competition in the marketplace. With such unfair competitive strategies involved, LifeWatch is still leading in the race of PERS marketing. Customer support and help have always been the priority for the firm since its initiation.

Help is generated by LifeWatch customer care and they stay on the line with users till medical help arrives. They provide medical alert equipment free of cost on obtaining any monthly monitoring programs. Highly trained professionals and certified personnel are employed in taking care of medical alert system users. The services are available all over the US in case the user changes his/her location. Customers are treated with the respect they deserve and customize the products according to their use. Easily worn pendants allow users to carry along with them where ever they go. With LifeWatch medical alert systems help is always around you.

Monday, 16 January 2017

LIFEWATCH USA – Helping People towards Better Life

Everyone desire to live in a secure and independent home without being a burden to others. Coming to the life of senior citizens they need help in respect to deteriorating health in advanced age. Medical alert devices are giving the independence to seniors to live in the comfort of their own home and their children a piece of mind knowing that help is within reach in case of emergencies. Evan Sirlin is the second generation president running LIFEWATCH USA, a firm catering the needs of elderly with medical alert devices. With over 21 years of experience, LIFEWATCH is leading in the sales of medical alert devices and empowering seniors with a will to live on their own.

Mechanics of medical alert system:

•It requires a landline or mobile basically to set up the alert system.

•A portable device with a push button is given to the user to raise alarm in case of need.

•It can be worn around neck or wrist.

•On raising alarm, the call is connected to care center that in turn sends emergency medical help to the user.

•Fall detector devices are also available for users who are prone to seizures and cannot press the help button.

•Care center intimates friends and family immediately for support or assistance.

The LIFEWATCH USA markets three kinds of medical alert devices based on user’s preference. An In-home system, e-responder mobile button, and a SmartGo personal security device are the products reining the market now. The In-home system needs a traditional landline phone and it covers 1500 ft radius. E-responder and SmartGo work with a mobile phone and are convenient for users who prefer to go out on daily basis. With a GPS tracking functionality the user can contact for help outside his/her residence. 

This compact and light- weight device is easy to carry around in a pocket or can be worn around neck or wrist. Most incidents and slips happen in bathrooms; hence the devices are made waterproof and can be worn around in showers or pools. Just with a press of the button, the device sends alert to customer care center. They provide instructions and assistance to the user and send medical help right away. Apart from medical help, fire accidents, intruder alert and falls can be reported via these systems and call for help. Technologically advanced systems come with a 5-day battery backup and a two-way voice call.

With constant supervision and medical care at the finger tip, elderly can now live comfortably and stress-free in the luxury of their own house without the need of assisted help or old age homes. All of their products and monitoring centers of LIFEWATCH are certified and can be used anywhere in the USA. Their medical alert devices and pendants keep people safe at affordable prices. Evan Sirlin is carrying this family business with high standards and quality products. They run with a motto to save lives.

Monday, 2 January 2017

LIFEWATCH – Our Vision, Your Protection

In modern society, people tend to do business which gains high profits irrespective of the type of work that comes their way. Let us take a moment to recognize people who invent things for the less fortunate or people in need of help. When it comes to old age, body stamina decreases and dependency on others is on. Medical alarm systems are created to help such people in need of an emergency. Taking this technology to a new level, Evan Sirlin has enabled GPS in such medical systems making him a humble creator. His attitude for helping people of old age with his creation makes him a philanthropist.

Evan Sirlin is currently serving as the second generation president of LIFEWATCH USA. This family business of marketing medical alarm systems has been handed down to him by his father. They are involved in the marketing and advertising of medical alarm systems for over thirty-five years. Evan Sirlin’s father established the company in 1980. The medical alarm systems make the senior citizen’s lives easy and they can live independently in the privacy of their own home. Evan Sirlin is involved in the development of 911 Help Now emergency communicator pendants.

With a passion for consulting and advertising Evan Sirlin created first medical alert lock box. Marketing is done through Medilok. He is the active president for Medilok since a decade. Medical lock boxes are used in combination with medical alert systems. First responders arrive on scene at the alert of medical alarm without breaking door using the key of the medical alert lock box. Customer help and support are the top priority in case of exchange or returns for lock boxes. Evan Sirlin has collaborated with Dictaphone and Sensormatic of healthcare services in sales and marketing for 3 years and 2 years respectively.

LIFEWATCH USA has made effort to collaborate with COPsync Beacon for promoting COPsync 911 alert systems. LIFEWATCH is a major contributor in PERS, a Personal Emergency Response System. In the wake of school shootings, a personal safety system is launched to give security. An emergency alert is sent by pressing the button of this handheld device. This device is highly recommended for general public and police officers alike to get in contact for availing protection services. Evan Sirlin is a pro in TV and Radio advertising and branding.

A background in marketing and sales has helped Evan Sirlin to rise above in his field. He works relentlessly in developing new devices or applications for the safety of seniors and lone person protection. He is an expert in consulting and marketing for senior health care industry. He is an active part of national care planning council. Highly skilled in direct marketing, advertising, networking, strategic planning, and team building, Evan Sirlin is passionate about playing Jazz. Actively volunteers in student centers and school programs to ensure safety and tell them about campus protection programs. Evan Sirlin is dedicated to taking his company and programs to an international level and is waiting for new opportunities. 

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